My Journey to Citrus

Hi, and welcome to my first ever blog post!    Naturally, I’d like to introduce myself and tell you my story.  


My name is Leslie, and I was born and raised in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.  Nanaimo is a small town (on an island) on the west coast of British Columbia.  Growing up I loved where I lived but always thought one day I would move to a big city.  After graduating high school I decided to go to university in Kamloops, a town with a very similar population. 🤷🏻‍♀️  After spending a semester in Kamloops, I was homesick and transferred back to Nanaimo.  I’ve been here ever since, and have really gained a huge appreciation for our island!  If you haven’t been here, you must visit!  We are blessed with a very mild climate which enables us to enjoy our surroundings all year.  We have beautiful parks, beaches, and mountains to explore.  


During university I also worked at my dad’s business.  I worked my way through the company until I became the general manager.  During that time, I also fell in love.  Believe it or not I met my husband, Tony, when we were just kids.  Our dads both had a passion for boating.  We hung out on boats every summer of our adolescence.  We hadn’t seen each other in a few years and wound up living next door to each other.  Once we figured that out, we started spending time together again, and married in 2013.  I gave birth to our first son, Beckett, in September of 2014 all while still working at my family’s business.  I noticed during this time that there was a lack of specialty baby items available on the island.  I would often order products or clothing online, and would always stock up when I visited Vancouver.  My husband and I like to research things so we can make conscious decisions about what to purchase.  We spent days studying cribs, strollers, ethical companies, and local goods.  


Two years later I gave birth to our daughter, Emmeline.  I again noticed that I couldn’t purchase the items I wanted close to home.  I love shopping for my babies, but would always prefer to support small business.  


It was about a year after I had my daughter that I decided to leave my family's business, and follow my passion.  I researched even more, went to different baby shows, and started connecting with brands.  I built my website and launched it in February of 2018.  During this time I shipped out of our basement, and even set up a little store in our home so people could come and shop.    Later last year we found the perfect building for my store, we renovated, and I opened in October!  Oh yeah, and I was pregnant with our third child. What better place to enjoy my pregnancy than in a children’s store where I get to meet parents, grandparents, and people who love children everyday!  


I gave birth to our second son, Pendry, just over a month ago! I am enjoying all the baby snuggles, and am stopping in to work as much as possible because I truly love what I do!  I will be back full time soon, but in the meantime I’ll continue to connect with you over Instagram, Facebook, and online ordering!  If you stop in the shop while I’m there, you’ll likely see me with my new babe!  


Lastly, I just want to thank my friends and family that were my cheerleaders on my journey to Citrus.  And of course all of my customers, I opened a baby store, but you keep my baby store open! Thank you for shopping small! 





Leaving you with a picture of our new baby, Pendry.


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