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This week I was asked why I have chosen the brands I have to be carried at Citrus.  It got me thinking, if you haven’t been in to the store to have a visit with me, you probably don’t know much about my “curated collection”.


Firstly, what does curated mean?  It means that I have personally selected everything that I carry at Citrus.  If there are products I’m interested in that I haven’t seen myself, I go to trade shows or even order them online for my own family first to make sure I love them before bringing them in the store.  This also means the store is always changing.  I love chatting, and in doing so I’ve been given tons of suggestions from our customers on different brands I should bring in.  I research them, do polls online, and ultimately decide whether they suit the store or not.  I am always open to ideas from you, so please share your thoughts!


Secondly, I love buying locally.  I bring as many Canadian brands into the store that I can.  Lots of the brands we carry are Canadian, some from right here in British Columbia.  This can mean that prices are higher.  It also means I’m supporting a local family by buying their brand, and you’re supporting a local family by purchasing those items from my shop.  The brands that I bring in from Canada use ethically sourced materials, mostly bamboo, which is extremely high quality.  These are clothes you can pass down from child to child!


Thirdly, because our store is small, and we bring in lots of different small brands we won’t always have the size your looking for.  I purchase small quantities of size variants, but often have the option to re-order items.  If there is something you love but we don’t have the size you need, just ask I may be able to bring it in for you!  


I’m excited to be adding some new brands into the store this year.  I hope you like them, and would love your feedback on your favourites, and ones you don’t love so much.  This store is my dream, but It's for you, help me decide what you like to see and what you don’t!

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