Pendry's Shower

Today we celebrated my littlest love - Pendry Thomas Brian Harris.  My moms threw a Peter Rabbit themed baby shower fit for a prince.  It was a beautiful sunny day, and we had a really nice time being spoiled by friends and family.  

During the shower someone asked me how we came up with the name Pendry.  It made me think, do I know why my friends chose the names they did for their babies?  Do they know why we chose our children's names?  Have your parents ever told you the story behind your name?

I find it really interesting to learn about names, and found it challenging naming my own children.  My husband and I typically take about two weeks to commit to names.  That being said, we don't find out the gender until baby arrives, so we really don't start picking names in advance.

If you're interested, I thought I'd share our children's names and the story behind them.  I'd love for you to leave a comment below, and share the same with me!

Beckett - 

Tony (my husband) studied every baby name list he could find, and we just could not settle on a name for our new baby boy.  He finally found a name he loved off the lists, Beckett. Thomas Becket was Archbishop of Canterbury, and later venerated a saint.  Samuel Beckett won a Nobel Prize in Literature and was a renowned playwright and poet.  Both of these historical figures led to our love of the name.  While in both cases Beckett was their surname, we really love the originality of the name and the history of it.  

Emmeline - 

We truly didn't expect to be blessed with a daughter.  On Tony's side, there are 12 boys and only 3 girls!  Despite this, we had actually made a list of girls names just in case.  Once Emmeline arrived none of the names on our list seemed quite right.  From the day she arrived we could tell that she was strong, determined, and needed a name to suit.  We started researching strong women in history.  We came across Emmeline Pankhurst, who was a political activist, and a leader in the women's suffrage movement.  She was recognized as one of the 100 most important people of the twentieth century.  I loved the idea of naming our daughter after such a strong female!

Pendry - 

Our littlest love is named after his grandpas (3 of them).  After my father-in-law passed away a couple of years ago, we started researching his family history on  It was from that research that we came across the name Pendry.  The name was passed down from generations and was last given to my Tony's grandfather.  It was also important to my husband and I for our dads' names to be apart of Pendry's name, therefore we came up with Pendry Thomas Brian.

Piper - 

Piper is our 7 year old golden doodle.  We brought him home at 8 weeks, at that time he had been given the name Sacha.  We wanted to choose a name for our fur baby that matched us as a couple.  We chose the name Piper because of our love for the ocean.  We love going to Piper's lagoon and taking in the breathtaking view, including Shack Island.  It is still one of our favourite places to take Piper for a walk, 7 years later.


 So now tell me, how did you choose your children's name(s)?

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