Green Sprouts

Floating Boats Made of Plants

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Filling, pouring, sprinkling water, or sailing Sprout Ware Floating Boats, turns bath time into play time. Sprout Ware plant-based resin is BPA- and PVC-free, and has a smooth texture and simple design that is easy for little hands to hold. Baby also enjoys stacking all four sizes and colors, or sifting sand through the holes in the boats! The Sprout Ware Floating Boats stimulate baby’s sensory, movement, interactive, cognitive, creative, and naturalist learning pathways for early, whole development.

  • Encourages water play & swimming
  • Fun for bath, pool, water, & sand play
  • Holes for sprinkling
  • Stacking develops concentration & thinking skills
  • Materials: Plant-based resin & polypropylene

Plant-based resin

Green Sprouts makes Feeding, Toys, and Wellness products with safety and health in mind. We use a range of quality materials to provide functionality and convenience for baby's daily care and whole development.

Plant-based resin is a safer plastic made from plant starches- commonly corn, tapioca root, sugarcane or potato. Small amounts of polypropylene are added as a binder and for flexibility. Plant-based resin is used in green sprouts Sprout Ware Dishes, Utensils, and Toys.

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