Magneti'Book - Jobs

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When I grow up, I will be... Open your magneti'book to discover the trades! With this pretty colorful magnetic toy, your child will discover 16 professions, with the possibility of inventing many more! It is composed of a magnetic support, 48 magnets and 16 cards representing known trades. The youngest and the oldest will have fun reproducing the models and mixing them to imagine mixes of trades, each one more eccentric than the other. Magnetic FSC TM cardboard toy for children aged 3 to 8.

Magnetibook's by Janod take a different spin on your average books. With these books your child has the opportunity to create their own story and change the story around as much as they like. These books are also a great learning tool.


  • Multiple different backgrounds
  • Many magnets
  • Great way to engage children in leaning
  • Fun and creative


  • 3 years plus

Care Instructions:

  • Wipe clean

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